Stanky Loops Volume 1

Stanky Loops Volume 1


What you’re about to see, hear, and learn is a collection of 42 original chord loops (audio, midi, and sheet music) using advanced Jazz, R&B, and Neo Soul chord voicings and progressions. Each loop is 100% original, unique, and sure to give you a stank face that will take days to shake. Best of all, you may use the audio loop content on a royalty-free basis to create your own original music compositions or audio projects.

I created these loops because I felt that much of what was already out there in the loop community did not include progressions and voicings that pushed the boundaries of harmony, rhythm, and vibe within the soulful styles of music I enjoy most. In other words, what you’re about to hear will make other loop packs you’ve come across sound like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” – no offense, Mary.

But wait, I already have Sick Chords. How is this different?

Great question! Sick Chords is a collection of dirty piano voicings while Stanky Loops is a collection of chord progressions that will melt your face off. The two are extremely complementary, and you might even be able to spot a few of the voicings from Sick Chords within Stanky Loops.

Anyway, this loop pack took a great deal of time and love to put together, so I sincerely hope you enjoy listening, learning, and creating amazing music of your own with Stanky Loops Volume 1.

(This is a digital product and can be downloaded immediately after purchasing.)

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