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Frank Keefe, bass

Joe Tomanelli, saxophone

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Making the Changes teaches effective methods for improvisation. Jeff is an excellent teacher and communicates his ideas in a clear, concise manner.

I’ve been playing music all my life. However, I have felt “stuck” over the years with my jazz improvisation ideas, which led me to taking Jeff’s course. His approach to improvisation was new to me and has literally taken my playing to the next level.

For anyone struggling to improvise or wanting to improve their technique, I highly recommend Jeff’s course. It will definitely get you thinking in a direction that is so much more efficient musically than just memorizing and/or transcribing licks.
— Wendy MacBain, piano

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Schneider’s Making the Changes improvisation course. Jeff really provides a logical and executable approach to learning and developing as an improvisor. Jeff is a top notch educator and communicator, and I was very impressed with his clarity in explaining the various concepts throughout the course. As someone who has started playing saxophone later in life, I have taken lots of lessons and bought several books. This course was definitely money well spent.
— David Buchwalter, saxophone

Jeff is the rare breed of educator who breaks down complex concepts into tangible practice strategies and principles that anyone can understand. Take Jeff’s approach to the shed and you’ll not only make serious progress shredding over changes, but you’ll also discover a deeper understanding of how harmony works to create compelling musical experiences.
— Abel James, guitar & piano

Making the Changes (MTC) is a game changer. I had a wonderful jazz saxophone teacher who moved. I’d been checking out some of Jeff Schneider’s YouTube videos with great interest and enjoyed those short lessons. However, the 6 week MTC jazz improvisation course of study gave me practical strategies that I can put to use now. I’ve got a long way to go in my jazz studies; however, Jeff has opened up greater possibilities & greater understanding of how to shape a solo. Excellent course & outstanding teacher.
— Steve Chojnacki, saxophone

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