ONE Killer Piano Voicing for FOUR Different Jazz Chords

In this edited live stream, I demonstrate and explain how to use the same jazz piano voicing for several different chords.


Do you want your chords to sound so sick, so silky smooth, so good n' crunchy that you and your listeners get permanent stank face?*

If so, then Sick Chords Vol. 1 is most definitely for you.

Seriously, so much of what makes JAZZ, R&B, NEO SOUL, AND GOSPEL music sound great isn't the chord progressions or the music theory but rather the voicings themselves.

This collection of voicings will make simple chord progressions sound amazing and complex chord progressions sound as slick as when folks like Robert Glasper, Cory Henry, and, dare I say, Jeff Schneider, lay it down real good. Not much else to say here except that this collection of voicings is truly inspiring and will take your music to the next level. Enjoy!

(This is a digital product and can be downloaded immediately after purchasing.)

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