What are you tolerating?

It's January last year, and I'm shoveling snow in my driveway at about nine o'clock at night. 

It doesn't take long for my toes to go numb. My boots are over ten years old and do a lousy job of keeping my feet dry.

Every year I think about getting a new pair of decked out snow boots, but I don't – and for no good reason. It's not the money. It's not the decision of what brand to buy. I just put up with cold, wet feet all winter long and complain about how my boots aren't up to par.

But for whatever reason, after shoveling the driveway and steps that January night, I go online and order a new pair of boots. My feet weren't any colder or wetter than usual. I just had had enough.

Tony Robbins says that, "…in life, we get what we tolerate." 

What are you tolerating in your life? How about in your music? A mediocre sound? A bad time feel? Maybe a teacher who's not helping you get any better?

Whatever the case may be – don't wait ten years to do something about it.

Buy the boots.

Jeff SchneiderComment